Concrete Flatwork Made Easy with Hydra Screed in Australia



  • 3-5 GPM @ 2250 PSI Required
  • Two Way Variable Speed Control
  • Screeds Up To 30′ In Length
  • Single Pin Allows For Direction Change
  • Handles Pivot For Desired Position
  • Easily Change Pipe Lengths
  • Weight Before Pipe: 100 lbs.

Hydra Screed is a hydraulics powered equipment built to roll over the poured concrete for concrete flatwork projects. Curb Roller Manufacturing has made hydra screed, and so, you can rest assured that the machine has been built by considering international standards of quality and safety. Whether it’s a patio, a driveway or a walkway, you can create a high-quality surface with hydra screed in Australia.

The weight and strength of the hydra screed allow it to flatten 6 inches of concrete without making the operators move from their position. Thus, operators can remain in a standing position while working with the hydra screed to flatten the wet concrete. This machine is suitable for varied sizes of projects as you can remove rubber inserts to accommodate any desired length of pipe, custom V flume, and crowned roller screed.

A wonderfully performed concrete flattening and finishing job is crucial to the success of your project. Therefore, you must buy a hydra screed in Australia. Call us on 0431 575 154 or write to us at

*MSRP price does not include pipe/drums

3 Year Limited Warranty

Monolithic Kit

Our new monolithic kit can be used with Curb Rollers old and new, making it even more versatile than before.


Our Hydra-Pack delivers an impressive two way directional flow and is perfect for those job sites where other hydraulic sources won’t fit.

Custom Drums

Let us take the burden of those strange profiles and pours off your hands by making a custom drum or flume for your Curb Roller® or Hydra-Screed!