Batt Screed in Australia – A Lightweight Roller Screed

The Batt Screed can be considered as an ideal solution for the concreters who want modern roller screed as its lightweight and versatile design provides greater mobility. This patent-pending equipment runs on battery, and so, unlike gas, electric and hydraulic roller screeds, you don’t need to face the hassle of dealing with exhaust fumes, power cords, and hydraulic hoses. Being powered by a rechargeable 60-volt lithium-ion battery, it runs continuously for a long time.

Batt Screed in Australia manufactured by the Curb Roller Manufacturing is a top-notch concrete roller screed that increases the productivity of the team handling the concrete project. It can be operated from an upright standing position, and the screed can be detached from the tube in less than a minute. The design of the batt screed allows for quick assembly and break down via a single pin connection on both ends of the screed.

As the ends of the batt screed are removable and as the tube inserts are expandable, you can easily transit between the tubes from 3 feet to 22 feet long. Batt screed has become the top choice for construction companies for a variety of projects ranging from simple pours to decorative finishes.

After considering the advantages of batt screed in Australia, if you have planned to purchase this machine for enhancing the efficiency of your team for project completion, then speak to our representatives on 0431 575 154.

  • Operated By Removable & Rechargeable Battery
  • Aluminum Pipe Lengths 3’ – 22’
  • Removable Pipe Inserts for Multiple Length Pipes
  • Folding Handle for Compact Transport and Trigger Lock
  • Pivoting Handle with Three Position Lock
  • All Steel Housing for Durability and Protection
  • Easy Attach Chuck
  • Variable Speed in Both High and Low Ranges
  • Directional Change with Push of a Button
  • Adjustable Right or Left Hand Speed Control