Monolithic Kit

The Monolithic Kit can be used on new or previously purchased Curb Rollers and is perfect for jobs where one pour is required. This kit includes a float pan assembly, counterweight, and your choice of a stock or custom drum. Call for drum selection assistance.

Sidewalk Kit

Tired of doing shorter widths of flatwork with boards? Already have a Curb Roller or are looking to get one? Then our Sidewalk Kit is perfect for you! This kit includes a handle, frame extension, and your choice of 3 pipe lengths: 4 ft., 5 ft. and 6 ft.

Center Pivot Kit

Our Center Pivot Kit is perfect for circular pours! This kit includes a pivot handle and one base, and can be used with the Hydra-Screed or Batt Screed. Give us a call to order more bases as needed.